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About US

The Syriac School is an online school that teaches the Syriac language in an academic manner, using a set of distance education tools via the internet. This school is considered one of the first interactive platforms for teaching the Syriac language, as it smoothly guiding students seamlessly from enrollment to completing their educational journey and earning an honorary certificate from the school.

The goals of the Syriac School are to contribute to spreading and teaching the Syriac language and to dedicate the profits of this school for the benefit of charitable work. This endeavor is the culmination of a family's dedication, having worked tirelessly for years to bring this project to fruition. The Syriac School's innovative approach to language learning has garnered recognition from Syriac scholars and enthusiasts worldwide. The school's commitment to quality education and its dedication to preserving the Syriac heritage have earned it a reputable position in the realm of Syriac language education.

This project is subject to taxation as part of Lebario's service portfolio in Sweden.


This work is dedicated to the soul of Abrohom Nuro who gave his life to the Syriac language.