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About US

The Syriac School is an online school that teaches the Syriac language in an academic manner, using a set of distance education tools via the internet. This school is considered the first interactive Syriac school and it leads itself automatically from the moment the learner registers and pays the fees until he / she completes the educational phase and obtains an honorary certificate from the school. 

The goals of the Syriac School are to contribute to spreading and teaching the Syriac language and to dedicate the profits of this school for the benefit of charitable work. 

This school is the result of a family's effort, that has worked hard for many years to achieve this project, which we are very proud of.

Family members:

Pierre GergiSweden
Electronic curriculum creator, web designer and developer 

Perla ToumaSweden
Digital content reviewer 

Shamoun GergiSweden
Technical developer and video editor


Giorgio Gergi, Shamoun Gergi, PerlaTouma, and Pierre Gergi

We also thank everyone who contributed their expertise and voluntary work to the success of this project:

Fr. Antoine Dalyappo Sweden
Control and development of the Syriac curriculum

Ms. Farida Boulos Syria
English translation and proofreading

Dr. Suzanne Kharpoutli Bsalis France
Translation and editing of both English and Arabic languages

Mrs. Laila Dalyappo Syria
Reviewing and checking the Syriac language

Deacon George Frick Syria
Supervisor (Diploma in liturgy and Syriac language).

Eng. Khaled Touma Eygpt
Software developer

Eng. Omar Kaddour Denemark
Logo designer and Front-end

Eng. Pierre GergiSweden

Founder & CEO 


This work is dedicated to the soul of Abrohom Nuro who gave his life to the Syriac language.

This project is licensed in Sweden and is subject to taxation (It is one of's services).

All proceeds from this school are distributed to the needy.