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Why learn classical Syriac?

Classical Syriac is the most comprehensive introduction to studying other Aramaic dialects, and it provides access to a rich body of literature in other Aramaic dialects, providing additional context for Jesus and his early disciples.

Classical Syriac is an important tool for studying and analysing the texts of the Old and New Testament. It also provides access to sources written in Classical Syriac that shed light on the history, theology and liturgy of the Syriac-speaking Churches. Also, the Syriac language helps to understand and analyse some books of certain other religions.

We encourage the Syriac community, wherever they are, who have little or no knowledge of the Syriac language to learn their mother tongue. This language is a precious heritage that we have inherited from our ancestors, and we must preserve it and pass it on to future generations. In addition, the classical Syriac language helps to communicate with the language of the Syriac churches to gain a deeper understanding of the ecclesiastical ritual.

The spoken Syriac language contains many extraneaous vocabularies from other languages. Therefore, we invite the Syriac people to learn the classical Syriac language as well, helping them to replace superfluous vocabulary with authentic Syriac vocabulary in order to preserve the integrity and authenticity of the language.