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Payment & Enrolment

After the registration process, you need to enroll yourself in the Syriac course:

Enroll yourself by paying the fees to the school's bank account via MasterCard, Visa or via Paypal and we will register you in the Syriac course.

The account will be manually activated within 2 to 24 hours after payment during business days.

The payment can be done through or .

From Sweden:
SEB Bank
Bankgiro: 5202-9949
To Lebario (Syriac School)

From all the world:
SEB Bank
IBAN: SE3950000000052151079856
To Lebario (Syriac School)


Syriac course 1 (Beginner)
 For one learner

Six Month ($275membership fee. (includes  25% VAT)

 One Year ($325) membership fee(includes  25% VAT)

Syriac course 2 (Intermediate)
For one learner

One year ($365) membership fee(includes  25% VAT)

The payment can be done also directly through .

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