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This school is the result of a family's effort, that has worked hard for many years to achieve this project, which we are very proud of.

Family members:

Pierre Gergi

Electronic curriculum creator, web designer and developer  

Perla Touma

Digital content reviewer

Shamoun Gergi

Technical developer and video editor

Giorgio Gergi

Technical Assistant



We also thank everyone who contributed their expertise and voluntary work to the success of this project:

Fr. Antoine Dalyappo 

Control and development of the Syriac curriculum

Ms. Farida Boulos 

English translation and proofreading

 Dr. Suzanne Kharpoutli Bsalis 

Translation and editing of both English and Arabic languages

Mrs. Laila Dalyappo 

Reviewing and checking the Syriac language

Eng. Khaled Touma

Software developer

Eng. Omar Kaddour

Logo designer and Front-end