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Syriac School Bylaw

1. Name and seat of the association
The name of the association is Syriac School. The association is based in the city and municipality of Stockholm.

2. Purpose
Syriac School is a non-profit association, whose purpose is to promote the teaching and dissemination of the Syriac language. Syriac School aims to run distance learning courses (online) in the Syriac language for all learners worldwide. The student learns to read, write and speak through automated sections, assignments, and homework that the student does himself. The courses are completed through a digital test. Learning takes place through the teaching platform:
With potential revenues, the association aims to support needy people and families.

3. Membership
Syriac School members are students who enroll in one of Syriac School's courses.
The student's membership ends when the student completes a course or a series of courses.
Syriac School members are also those who participate in the association's activities and who affirm in these statutes.

4. The Board
The board consists of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and three members.

5. Tasks of the Board
▪ The board represents the association, monitors its interests, and handles its affairs.
▪ The board decides on behalf of the association unless otherwise provided in these articles of association.
▪ The board shall implement decisions made by the annual meeting, handle the association's financial affairs and keep accounts, and submit an annual report to the annual general meeting for the most recent financial year.
▪ The board meets when the chairman deems it necessary or at the request of at least two members. Notice of a list of treaties shall be received by the members of the Board two weeks before the meeting. Minutes shall be taken at board meetings.
▪ The board has a quorum when the majority is present. Board decisions are made by a simple majority. In the event of an equal number of votes, the opinion of the chairman shall apply.
▪ The Board decides on the exclusion by a 2/3 majority vote.

6. Suggestions
Every member of Syriac School has the right to exercise motions. Motions to be considered at the annual general meeting must be received by the board no later than two months before the annual meeting.

7. Annual Meeting
The annual meeting is the highest decision-making event. The Annual General Meeting is held every other year before the first day of April at a time and place determined by the Board. Written or electronic notice must be sent to all members no later than 14 days before the regular annual meeting and no later than 14 days before the extra annual meeting, with the opportunity to participate in the annual meeting remotely (online).
Every adult member who has reached the age of 18 has the right to vote at the annual meeting.

At the annual meeting, the following matters shall be dealt with:
1. Election of a chairman and a secretary of the meeting.
2. Determination of the voting list for the meeting.
3. Election of a scrutineer and a signatory to the minutes.
4. Ask if the meeting has been announced correctly.
5. Adoption of agenda.
6. The Board's administration report (balance sheet and income statement) for the most recent financial year.
7. The auditor's report for the financial year.
8. Question about the discharge of liability for the board for the time audit to which.
9. Determination of membership fees.
10. Determination of possible business plans and budget processing
11. For the coming financial year.
12. Election of a chairman of the association for 2 years.
13. Election of six members.
14. Consideration of the Board's proposals and timely motions received.
15. Other issues.
During the years when the Syriac School annual meeting does not take place, decisions are made regarding the balance sheet - income statement and granting of discharge from liability by the board meeting. At the board meeting, items 1 to 11 of the annual meeting's agenda shall be discussed.

8. Annual Report / Accounts
Syriac School's fiscal year is the calendar year. As of December 31, each year, Syriac School's financial statements must be consolidated in full financial statements.

9. Membership fee
 The membership fee is determined annually by the annual meeting.

10. Rules for amending the statutes
Proposals for amendments to the Syriac School's statutes may be submitted in writing by the members no later than November 30 of the year before the association's annual meeting.
Amendments to these articles of association require a resolution of the annual meeting with at least 2/3 of the number of votes cast. Proposals for amendments to the articles of association may be given by both the member and the board.

11. Dissolution of Syriac School
For dissolution of the association, a decision is required with more than 2/3 of the number of votes cast at two consecutive association meetings, held at least three months apart, where at least one must be an ordinary association meeting.
When the association is dissolved, the association's assets will be handed over evenly to St. Peter's Syrian Orthodox Church in Hallonbergen and St. George's Syrian Orthodox Church in Aleppo, unless another decision is made at the annual meeting.
The Syriac School website with the content goes back to Pierre Gergi who owns the Syriac School website. In addition, members should not be able to claim any part of the digital property.


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